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Full rules of the Jardins de l’Orne sponsorship programme

Article 1 :This sponsorship operation is organised by the company Les Jardins de l'Orne s.a. for an indeterminate period of time. The company may modify, suspend, or discontinue this sponsorship operation in whole or in part, at any time and without prior notice, the sole reservation being that this does not infringe the rights of the sponsors for already duly registered sponsorships.

Article 2 : The sponsor participating in the “Jardins de l’Orne Sponsorship Operation" must transmit to Les Jardins de l'Orne, via the online form for this purpose, the exact contact details of a person wishing to buy a flat or house and who has not already been in touch with Les Jardins de l'Orne s.a. or its sales partners (Promimo and REIM). A confirmation e-mail – the date of which will serve as the registration date of her/his sponsorship – will be sent to the sponsor. No sponsorship dated after this confirmation will be taken into account. Any sponsorship of a person who has already been in touch with the organising company in the twelve-month period prior to this registration date will not be taken into account. A “sponsoree” may be sponsored by no more than one “sponsor”. In the event of several sponsorships, the first one registered will prevail. A sponsoree may not already be a client of Les Jardins de l’Orne. Self-sponsorship is not allowed.

Article 3 : A sponsorship that culminates in a sale will give rise to the issuance to the “sponsor” of a 500 EUR (VAT incl.) gift cheque for use at the Esplanade shopping mall of Louvain-la-Neuve.
This gift will be sent to the “sponsor” within 30 days of the notarial deed of the acquisition made by the sponsoree.
The award of a gift is subject to the purchase, by the sponsored party, of a housing unit. This purchase takes the form of the signing of a reservation contract followed by its reiteration by the notarial deed of sale confirming the purchase.

Article 4 : The participants' personal data that are provided to Les Jardins de l’Orne under this campaign will be processed by Les Jardins de l’Orne s.a. for marketing purposes. All participants may consult and correct the data concerning them. They may, upon request and free of charge, objet to the processing of these data by Les Jardins de l’Orne s.a. for direct marketing purposes.

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