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Buy or rent a flat in Mont-Saint-Guibert

The flats available in the new Les Jardins de l’Orne neighbourhood in Mont-Saint-Guibert are fully equipped and have excellent energy performances. From the studio (40 m²) to the three-bedroom flat (126 m²), these new properties are perfectly designed to enhance your daily life. From your terrace, balcony or garden, make the most of the landscaping in the surrounding area, an open rill, trees and urban furniture as well as a beautiful view and unparalleled light!

Voir le plan du quartier
Type Bedroom(s) Area Floor Garden Terrace Total price w/o VAT* Sheet
D2.1.1Appartement160.00m²110,13m² / -Sold Download
C3.3.01AppartementPenthouse 1 CH70.25m²3- / 22.86m²Sold Download
D2.1.4Appartement290.73m²112,95m² / -Sold Download
D12.2.03Appartement398.76m²- / 9.34m²Sold Download
D2.1.3Appartement162.80m²19,34m² / -Sold Download
D2.0.2AppartementStudio45.41m²Rez15,33m² / -172500€ Download
D12.1.03Appartement398.76m²- / 9.34m²Sold Download
D3.0.2Appartement164.66m²Rez11,73m² / -Sold Download
D3.0.3Appartement299.67m²Rez11,42m² / -Sold Download
D3.1.4Appartement156.57m²13,54m² / -Sold Download
D2.2.1AppartementPenthouse 2CH112.00m²227,83m² / -347500€ Download
D3.1.3Appartement299.67m²18,91m² / -Sold Download
D3.2.2AppartementPenthouse 2CH94.24m²253,48m² / -Sold Download
D2.2.2AppartementPenthouse 2CH91.00m²221,21m² / -Sold Download
D3.1.1Appartement290.65m²114,59m² / -Sold Download
D11.3.03Appartement282.66m²- / 7.6m²Sold Download
D3.1.2Appartement164.70m²19,26m² / -Sold Download
D3.0.1Appartement290.29m²Rez38,57m² / -286500€ Download
D12.2.01Appartement288.56m²- / 10.14m²Sold Download
D12.1.01Appartement288.56m²- / 10.14m²Sold Download
D13.3.02Appartement3112.65m²- / 49.01m²Sold Download
D13.1.04Appartement2103.59m²- / 6.60m²Sold Download
D2.0.3Appartement294.93m²Rez19,44m² / -298500€ Download
D12.3.02Appartement296.83m²- / 8.01m²Sold Download
D3.2.1AppartementPenthouse 2CH91.19m²219,93m² / -303500€ Download
D2.1.2AppartementStudio45.41m²18,51m² / -Sold Download

*Price excluding secondary units, vat and fees.

Secondary units Price €*
Basement 3.000
Attic 3.000
Garage 25.000
Outdoor parking 7.500
Indoor parking 18.000

*minimum price per secondary unit